5+ Ways to Handle Increased Expenses This Summer

Don't let the summer drain your bank account! Here are 11 ways to save money this summer. (Most are very easy to implement!)

People are more likely to overspend during the summer. This can be due to a variety of reasons whether your expenses have increased or you’re spending extra money on summer activities and travel.

Since we know a spending increase may affect your budget during summer months, it’s best to determine how to handle increased expenses and continue saving money. Luckily, there are so many easy ways to save money around the house and reduce spending in other areas this summer.

1. Limit Your Use of Lighting

The days are longer during the summer so that means you can keep your lights off for longer periods of time and avoid using additional electricity.

I generally don’t allow my son to turn the lights on in the house until around 8:30 pm during the summer because that’s when it gets dark where we live. Having a ton of lights on during the day will also make your house unnecessarily hot.

Some light fixtures even give off extra heat which can bring more discomfort to an already toasty home. Using fewer lights means a lower bill and more money in your pocket.

2. Cook Outdoors

Take a break from using your stove during the summer and use your outdoor grill more to compare meals. Sometimes, it’s just too hot for the oven.

Plus, it will add more heat to the house. This could cause you to run the AC more. Instead, use the stove stop sparingly and prepare more grill-friendly meals so you can save big on two monthly bills.

3. Maintain Your AC Unit

Your AC unit has to work harder if it’s not cleaned and maintained properly. If it has to work harder, then that often means a higher bill along with the risk that it will just stop running.

If the air conditioner is working well, it won’t take as much power to try and cool your home. You may want to have a professional come give an assessment on the condition, or I’m sure you can watch a few videos online and learn how to do the maintenance yourself.

Another thing you can do on your own to maintain your AC unit is to change out your filters regularly. A dirty filter doesn’t allow a unit to flow cold air through a home properly Over time, it can actually cause even bigger problems in the long run if a dirty filter continues to be used.  

Having dirty filters can also allow allergens to build up and linger in air duct systems which would be terrible for people in your house who have allergies and asthma.

4. Alternatives To Childcare

I try to avoid putting my son in expensive camps all summer long. I like for him to get out and spend time with other kids. Plus, I can’t be there to entertain him throughout the day so I appreciate the fact that most camps plan out activities and field trips.

However, it would have cost me around $2,000+ this summer to have him in camp full time each week. So I found ways to save. He will be going to the regular camp for 2 weeks in June with his friends. Then, I’m considering a much cheaper camp option that is 3-days per week.

Our church is also offering a summer camp option and another church in the area provides a free week of summer camp. If you book early, you may be able to get a discount.

You can always choose alternative options like a babysitter or home daycare if it’s more affordable. One year, we actually fundraised to pay for my son’s boy scouts camp so that’s also an option.

5. Free Events

If the kids aren’t in camp and need something to do, don’t go crazy with expensive entertainment options.

Cities websites are filled with different activities and events throughout the summer that don’t cost a dime. Typically if your city has a museum, that museum designates at least a day off the summer calendar to let residents join the fun for free. Not every city has a free zoo, but for the ones that do, zoos can be the perfect way to spend a hot summer day with the family.

You can even find free events that you can attend as well to stay entertained. Concerts and shows are other events that often have a free attraction during the summer months. Some cities may have multiple a month. It may be a cover band or a lesser-known artist, but it is still fun to get out and enjoy musicians from our favorite music genre.

Other Ways to Save

Hang your clothes outside to dry – This is another easy way to save money on appliances and on super hot days you won’t have to run your dryer at all

Use a programmable thermostat – You don’t want to run the AC when you’re not home or while you’re sleeping. Use a programmable thermostat to cool your home only when necessary.

Start a gardenPlanting a garden is fun and can save you money on produce

Visit the library – The library has free AC and tons of other freebies to help you and the kids stay busy over the summer

Shop second hand Take advantage of everyone’s spring clean out and score some deals on used clothes, decor, etc, this summer.

Have a staycation Instead of paying for a pricey vacation, consider doing a staycation and planning some day trips instead.

Which savings tip is your favorite and how will you be managing your spending this summer?

Don't let the summer drain your bank account! Here are 11 ways to save money this summer. (Most are very easy to implement!) #savemoney #frugal #summersavings

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