Top 10 Ways to Make Money When You’re Bored

Being bored is the worst...but also best. Because if you're bored you have time to work on your goals. Here are 10 ways to make money when you're bored.

Being bored is the worst – but, also the best.
Because if you’re bored it means you have some free time. Free time that you
can spend working on a goal.

And if one of your goals is to earn extra money, you’re in
luck, because I have a whole bunch of ideas for you!

Here are some of the best ways to make money when you’re

# 1 – Cash in the Clutter

Kill two birds with one stone.

If you’re bored start going through your house, room by
room, and find the stuff that you no longer want, use or need. (Of course, trash
damaged items as you go.)

Then start listing the items for sale online. You might be
surprised at just how much extra money you can make.

Here’s a breakdown of some the best places to sell your

# 2 – Write an Article and Earn $50+

Are you a decent writer with good ideas? If so, you can get
paid good money to submit a guest post.

The sites below all accept guest posts for payment. If your
article is accepted, you’ll earn at least $50 from these sites.

# 3  – Take As Many Surveys as You Can

Bored but also pretty unmotivated? It happens to the best of us!

If that’s how you’re feeling, a few easy ways to make money when you’re bored is to take surveys. No, they won’t make you rich BUT they don’t require too much brain power either.

To start racking up cash and rewards you can sign up through several different survey sites. Here are the ones we think are most worth your time:

# 4 – Play Around on Swagbucks

If you’ve never heard of is before Swagbucks is a site that
rewards its members for a variety of different tasks. I’ve used Swagbucks for years
and years
. It’s a tried and true, easy way to make some extra cash online.

If you’ve never checked out Swagbucks before you can earn
rewards called “SBs” for doing various tasks such as watching videos, taking
surveys, printing coupons, completing special offers and more.

You can cash in your SBs for a number of different gift
cards or even PayPal cash.

If you’re bored Swagbucks is a fun way to waste some time. Here’s my referral link. (It should give you a sign up bonus!)

# 5 – Transcribe Some Audio Files

Make money as a freelancer with

Did you know that can get paid to type out audio files? If
not, you really can.

And the cool thing about these types of work from home jobs
is that most of them are completely flexible. The amount of money you make will
be dependent on your typing speed and accuracy.

If you want to give transcription a try here are some
companies to check out:

# 6 – Record Yourself Testing Websites

Another work-when-you-want type job, perfect for boredom, is
website testing.

There are several companies that contract regular internet
users to test the usability, or look and feel, of their client’s websites.

To perform these tests, you generally record your screen and
yourself talking as you complete specified tasks. These tests normally pay
$10-$15 and take about 20 minutes to complete.

Here’s a list of companies that will pay you to test websites.

# 7 – Peruse Beer Money on Reddit

Peruse beer money to looking for money making ideas when you're bored.

Want to hear from real people who are trying out the latest make-money websites? Then you need to check out the Beer Money thread on Reddit.

You’ll discover the pros and cons of different websites from
people who are actually using them.

# 8 – Do Totally Random Stuff as a Field Agent

Need to get out of the house?

If so, download the Field Agent app and complete tasks for extra cash. Here’s exactly how it works:

  1. Download the App
  2. Fill out Your Profile
  3. View and Accept a Job
  4. Complete Your Job Within 2 Hours

Jobs may include things like going to a specific store and
taking a picture of product, price checking, and more. Pay is $1-$12 per task.

# 9 – Work on Demand as an Online Assistant

Work when you want with Fancy Hands.

Do you like performing research or secretarial type work? If so, you may enjoy being a virtual assistant for Fancy Hands.

Fancy Hands is a company that connect virtual assistants to
business owners (and anybody, really) who needs an extra hand. Tasks may
include making phone calls, data entry, online research, finding the best price
on a product, etc.

Pay is per task and you can work when you want.

# 10 – Have Conversations with Non-Native English Speakers

Seriously, this company will PAY YOU to talk to non-native English speakers who are trying to brush up on their English.

Simply download the NiceTalk app and submit an application

You’re paid per minute and pay comes out to be about $10 per

Cash in on Your Boredom – Plenty of Ways to Make Money When You’re Bored!

Bookmark this list and next time you catch yourself saying “I’m
bored” you’ll be able to come back and try one of these ideas!

What are your favorite ways to make money when you’re bored?

Being bored is the worst...but also best. Because if you're bored you have time to work on your goals. Here are 10 ways to make money when you're bored. #sidehustle #extraincome #makemoney #beatboredom

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