Work From Home with Aira and Make a Difference

Work at home with Aira and make a difference

Have you ever wanted to work closely with others and make a difference despite having a desire to work from home? Aira is a company that allows you to get paid to make a huge positive impact in someone else’s life without even having to leave the house.

Aira hires remote customer service agents to help their clients who are visually impaired. It’s a well-paying job and a great option for the right person. If you’re looking to start working from home and earn a stable income, keep reading to learn more about the company and see if the position is a good fit for you.

Company Overview

Aira’s whole purpose as a company is the help their visually impaired and blind users. They help users gain a better sense of independence by not having to hire an in-person aide to assist them day to day. Aira agents work remotely and communicate with users through the mobile app.

Aira is great with helping their clients with learning, job seeking, working, parenting, or just living life. Simply with the click of a button on the Aira app and clients (Explorers) are immediately connected to agents who are ready to help them through a situation.

Agents are available 24/7 at the request of Explorers.

How Agents Help Clients


Statistics show that only 40% of low vision or blind students end up finishing college. After high school, continuing education isn’t always an option for someone who is visually impaired.

Aira takes pride in helping those students get around campus and find classrooms, dorms, teacher offices or whatever else they need.  This helps explorers get through college without the frustration of not being able to get around a large campus!

Job Seeking

Up to 70% of the blind community is currently unemployed. Aira strives to change that. They want to push that 70% down to just 7%! Having Aira at their exposal gives low vision and blind clients assistance completing tasks that will help them land a job. Agents help job seekers with tasks like completing resumes and accessing any additional application forms.


For explorers who do land a job or that are already in a position, the Aira Employer Network is a group that helps employees get tasks done while at work.


Tasks like reading or cooking with their children or grandchildren can become a reality with help from Aira agents. Reading is a key thing young children need to learn and agents help walk Explorers follow along with the words. Agents are also happy to snap photos of the grandchildren after they finished mixing the batter for the chocolate chip cookies.


Agents help Explorers with various tasks from helping them find something around the house or picking out groceries out a local store Aira agents are there. Agents can also call rideshare companies for explorers and keep them updated on the driver’s location and other important details.

Becoming an Agent

Becoming an Aira agent takes a special kind of person. Agents have to have a passion for helping others and dedication to their duties. Aira gets hundreds of applications but only select a few applicants to join their remote agent team. After being selected each applicant has to go through a few steps before they are hired on with Aira.

Steps include lots of training, roleplaying, and even an apprenticeship with a veteran agent. The company wants to make sure each agent is equipped and ready to help serve the blind and low vision community.  

The roleplaying before an agent has their first call by themselves can help ready them for a situation they may run into in the future. It may be a little different circumstance, but it helps them get a better idea of what they may encounter.

Agents will have a senior agent listen in from time to time to help offer feedback or give praise on how things are going. The company is always looking to improve and make their agents the best they can be.


Aira needs agents who are great communicators, work great with a team, multitasker, creative thinker, and someone with confidence in their work. That said, they also pay pretty well.

According to Glassdoor, Aira work from home agents make $14 to $16 per hour starting out. Since agents are available to Explorers 24/7, you can work flexible hours so you can choose to work full time, part time, or even take 3rd shift hours.


With thousands of successful agent user interactions, Aira knows which type of person makes up a good agent and describes the selection process with great attention to detail. Despite the onboarding process, the company is very diverse and welcomes agents from any background to give it a shot!

Click here to learn more and apply. Good luck!

If you're looking to make a difference while you're making money here's how to help the blind and visually impaired by work from home with Aira. #workathome

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